Date Chocolate Bars

Only using 3 ingredients, in 10 minutes and making sure you resist eating them all before their set, you can whip up these simple yummy date chocolate bars. All you need is medjool dates, almond butter and raw chocolate, thats it! Serve with a warm cup of tea and enjoy anytime of the day!



- 10 Medjool Dates 

- 20 Teaspoonful Almond Butter 

- 1 Bar Raw Chocolate


- Pit all medjool dates by using a butter knife and slitting half way down the middle of the date to take the stone out. Fill the dates with almond butter using 1-2 teaspoons each, re-close the date with almond butter inside. 

- Heat a small sauce pan with warm water and place glass bowl with chopped up raw chocolate bar in, ontop of heated water. Gently melt chocolate until no lumps of chocolate remain. Evenly coat all the dates with chocolate.

- Place chocolate covered dates in fridge to Harden up for 10 or so minutes. Enjoy with a warm cup of hot chocolate!