Leelee's has had a make over!

Out with the old in with the new... LeeLee's has had a make over, to be bigger and better than it was before. We wanted LeeLee's to represent a even brighter and bolder image so we decied to rebrand. 

We revamped the logo to be more bubbly, brighter and represent the founder, LeeLee ( Leah ) better. We've also had new illustrations and graphics done for the ice cream packaging, making sure that the graphics really catch your eye and work with representing truly what LeeLee's means. We' ve been working super hard with this rebrand to ensure that you all love it just as much as we do, for it to be memorable aswell as fun and exciting, just like our ice cream! Lots more to come from LeeLee's, we really hope you love our new look!

Chocolate Ice Scoop Melting.png
Chocolate Chunks.png
Vanilla Flower-01.png
Cookie Dough-2-01.png
Chocolate Square Chunk-01.png
Chocolate Morsel-01.png