Raw Caramel Centre Cookie Balls

Gooey date caramel in the middle, surrounded by crumbly soft cashew and oat middle, all coated in homemade raw chocolate. Sweet upon sweet, a perfect treat to enjoy and a little pick me up! Accompany with a sweet chai tea latte to have a perfect snack, nothings better!



Caramel Centre :

- 15 Pitted Medjool Dates


Cookie Middle :

- 2 Tablespoons Cashew Butter

- 130g Oats

- 2 Tablespoons Maple Syrup


Chocolate cover :

- 25g Cocoa butter

- 10g Cocoa Powder

- 20ml Maple Syrup


Caramel Centre : 

- Begin by making caramel centre, place medjool dates into high speed food processor or blender and blitz until completely smooth. You may have to stop every so often to scrap down sides. Once smooth, take a tablespoonful of date caramel and roll into ball, repeat until all date caramel mixture is gone. 

Cookie Middle :

- Place all ingredients into blender or food processor and blitz until ingredients combine slightly for a minute or two. Once combined, take 2 tablespoonful's of cookie mixture and using your fingers press into rectangular shape, around 4 inches long shape. Once made the cookie into a rectangular shape, place a date caramel ball in centre of cookie rectangular. Fold cookie over date caramel, completely covering it and ensuring your evenly cover. Roll ball into hands to make an even shape, repeat this method until all date caramel balls and cookie mixture is gone and place into freezer.

Raw Chocolate :

- Whilst the cookie and date caramel balls set in the freezer move onto making your raw chocolate, simply fill small sauce pan full of water and place onto high heat. Place cocoa butter into small glass bowl, and place ontop of heated sauce pan water. Stir cocoa butter continiously until fully melted, once fully melted, remove from heat and place remaining chocolate ingredients into melted cocoa. Mix well until completely smooth.

- Remove date cookie balls from freezer and coat with chocolate. You may have to coat the balls twice to get a thick chocolate coating. Once all balls are coated in chocolate, replace back into fridge, or freezer to firm up for a few minutes. Enjoy with warm tea or chai spiced latte!