Hi there, Welcome to LeeLee's! I'm LeeLee.

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Hi everyone, welcome to LeeLee's, my pride and joy. I'm Leah, nicknamed LeeLee by my whole family and here I share scrumptious, wholesome plant based recipes for everyone to enjoy. As well as sharing healthy living and lifestyle tips, and bringing you along my business journey to bringing out a plant based food product. Sharing with you the ins and outs of running a business, as well as the high and lows. So, come join me on the road and enjoy some yummy recipes on the way too!

LeeLee's is all about making plant based eating simple, yet delicious. All the time when I speak to people, they say to me, "I'd love to try plant based food but it just seems all to complicated". Or I get, "Id love to try vegan food but I never know what to make", so I'm here to solve that issue! I believe that healthy plant based food should be simple and scrumptious. You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen to make broccoli fabulous again, or having to use oats just for the same old porridge day in day out anymore. Spice things up, add different flavour combinations, textures and loads more! My aim is to show that you don't have to just eat a salad to enjoy plant based, heck, I hardly have just salads all the time! Re-enjoy foods made plant based with wholesome ingredients such as cottage pie, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, Mac and cheese as well as food ideas, whilst nourishing your body at the same time.

I'm open about my previous struggles with issues linked to mental health issues and self harm in my past, as I want to be an example to others that there is a silver lining and things can get better. I truly put my recovery down to adopting a plant based life style, and falling in love with food all over again and using exercise as my stress relief. Seeing food not as calories but pure energy to nourishing my body, fuelling my organs, hormones and keep this one amazing body I have going. So here I start by sharing my journey and future with you.

Keep an eye out, my food product will be out shortly for you all to enjoy!

Thank you for all your support along the way, it really means the world to me. I will not stop until I've made LeeLee's successful and making people love plant based food again!