Burrito Bowl

This has to be ultimate favourite recipe, made in no time and tastes amazing. Perfect to made to impress or simple from yourself, by reducing the recipe! Containing soft refried black beans, fluffy rice, spicy sweetcorn, fajita crunchy veg and all topped with creamy guacamole, what more could you ask for!



Rice : 

- 3 servings Brown Rice

Refried Black Beans : 

- 2 X 400g Tins Black Beans

- 1 Vegetable Stock Cube 

- Pinch cumin

Fajita Vegetables : 

- 3 Sweet Red Peppers

- 2 Medium Red onions 

- 2 Cloves Garlic, Crushed

- Pinch Cumin 

Spiced Sweetcorn : 

- 1 Tin Sweetcorn

- 2 Teaspoon Chilli Powder 

- Pinch Salt & Pepper

Guacamole : 

- 2 Avocados 

- 5 Tablespoons Plant Based Yoghurt

- 1 Juice of Lime

- Pinch Salt And Pepper


- Begin by cooking rice according to packaging instructions.

- Next move onto making the refried black beans, drain and rinse thoroughly black beans and add to small sauce pan. Crumble vegetable stock cube onto black beans and add cumin. Cover black beans with water 2 inches over top of black beans and place onto high heat. Stir continiously ensuring doesn't stick to bottom, puree black beans slightly with back of wooden spoon, cook for 10 minutes.

- Move onto fajita vegetables, chop peppers into even strips and onions into large chunks. Add to non stick pan and place on medium heat, add garlic cloves and cumin, adding few dashes of water to ensure doesn't stick to pan. Stir occasionally, frying for 8-10 minutes. 

- Whilst both black beans and fajita vegetables cook, make the guacamole, Cut avocados in half and removing seed, scoop out flash and place into small mixing bowl. Add yoghurt, lime juice and salt and pepper. Mash using back of fork until completely smooth. 

- To make spiced sweetcorn, simply drain sweetcorn and place in small mixing bowl, add chilli powder, as well as salt and pepper. Mix until completely evenly covered,

- At this point your rice should be done, drain rice and begin to build your burrito bowl. Place rice, cooked refried black beans, fajita vegetables, spiced sweetcorn into bowl and add a good dollop of guacamole. I love adding an additional dollop of coconut yoghurt to my bowls and garnishing with green chilli's and coriander.