Nothing beats simple avocado on toast. The creamy, almost butter like avocado smashed on top of crispy wholesome bread and finished with a sprinkle of chilli, pink salt and black pepper. Perfect!


- 1 Medium Perfectly Ripe Avocado 

- 2 Slices Favourite Bread ( I choose dark sourdough! )

- Pinch Himalyain salt, Chilli Powder & Crushed Black Pepper


- Begin by toasting bread. Once toasted, cut avocado open in half lengthways and carefully remove stone. Scoop out flesh, one half on one slice of bread and the other half on the other. With the back of a fork, gently mash the avocado onto the toast, ensuring completely smooth and toast is evenly covered. 

- Serve on large plate and finish with a generous pinch of salt, chilli powder and black pepper. I also serve mine with some fresh lime for extra yumminess!