About LeeLee's

LeeLee's was founded in 2018, by myself Leah, Nicknamed LeeLee by my whole family. The company LeeLee's was created from my passion of creating scrumptious recipes using healthy whole food, plant based ingredients that anyone can love, vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and all a like. My philosophy is that there is a way of creating delicious plant based foods that everyone will enjoy. That is why I have decided to create my own food company to share my favourite beloved recipes for others to enjoy just as much as I do.  

The concept of LeeLee's was created from my recovery from an eating disorder which left my body suffering from increase sensitivity to certain foods. From this moment on, I began creating my own recipes for my favourite foods and treats, whilst using high quality real ingredients. Ice cream being my ultimate favourite, I began to recreate recipes of ice cream... around 400 recipes later, we have LeeLee's Ice cream!  All the different experimenting of recipes in my kitchen has lead me to where I am today, I truly believe LeeLee's Ice cream is different, unique & the best vegan ice cream ever!

My Food History

Ever since I was young I've loved cooking and creating meals that everyone loves. When I was the age of ten, I decided to go vegetarian, as I was a huge animal lover and continued to create vegetarian meals for my whole family. During my adolescent years, I suffered from mental health problems and an eating disorder that changed the way I viewed food, creating a negative relationship with anything I ate. I decided that I had to make a change, the negative relationship I had with food was taking over my life, it's all I would think about. During my recovery, I decided to go vegan once I did research into the benefits of a whole food, plant based lifestyle as well as the ethical, moral and environmental benefits of going vegan. Adopting a whole foods vegan diet it allowed myself to regain a positive way of eating again and I've never felt better. An aspect of my recovery from mental health issues and eating problems, I used cooking as a way of release and therapy for myself, creating recipes for being to enjoy, but also for myself to enjoy and loving the process of it too. From this moment on, I've used this as tool for making myself happy and others too. Since then I have wanted to show everyone the huge benefits of eating this way has been for me and sharing it with everyone I possibly can.

My Aim For The Future

I decided to create the brand LeeLee's for a purpose; the purpose to create a positive change. I want healthy, plant based food's easily accessible to all. I plan to share my beloved recipes for all to try, both easy and scrumptious; striving for the idea that in the future, plant based food's will be the 'norm' and for everyone to feel that they can make recipes based around healthy whole foods. For me, being vegan isn't just a diet change, its a lifestyle too. I wish to help people find a new medium to assist with their issues and worries, sharing my past experiences to others on how I dealt with them and show others that their not alone. Adding both food and a healthy lifestyle with others, I aspire to inspire and make a change.